Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nine R's: Make the MDP Platform Worth Reading

It ain't going to be pretty. I'll say that much. I'm being told from a few directions that discussion and debate was not tolerated when the Democratic State Committee was presented with the draft platform in late April. I've been to enough state party convention to be worried if those same folks will give a fair hearing to the little people questioning it.

But though the system may well set itself against us, I can't let this go without a fight. We need to present several hundred copies of amendments to the platform, and the signatures of 250 delegates.

Massachusetts is the leading voice of progressive policy in America.
The Democratic Party governs Massachusetts and presents itself as the progressive option.
If you believe the Democratic Party should base itself on progressive issues, we need your help.

And here is how you can help:
  • Recruit: Double your effectiveness by reaching out. Raise awareness of this issue with progressive groups whose advances and priorities are being ignored -- people who advocate for specific steps to better health care, public safety, education, fair and smart budgeting for Massachusetts. Talk to members of your town committee, co-workers and friends involved with the party. Tell them what's at stake.
  • Re-organize: Maybe you did it for Deval, or Obama. Maybe you did it for John Kerry. Or Hillary or Ed O'Reilly. But you know how to organize and a lot of those tools are still out there. We know how to use 'em.
  • Reach out: Contact your state committee member to find out how this happened, and where s/he stands on the new platform. Ask your town/ward chair if they want a progressive platform. Will s/he help, or at least aid you in contacting your committee's delegates?
  • Reply: Make sure the state party knows what you think. Mention this issue to fellow progressives.
  • Represent: Show your support of this campaign by displaying the topline (larger) or bug (smaller) logo at right on your blog or email signature.
  • Report in: If you are going to be in Springfield for the state convention on June 6th, contact us at my email:
  • Record: Write down broad-appeal, but progressive ideas that could be proposed. Even if it's the current platform. What will we offer instead of these glorified advertising slogans?
  • Recommend: Visit the entry for this issue on
  • Ready yourself: It may not be easy, it may not be pretty, but it should be loud and clear -- we are real progressives, and we want a real platform.

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