Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tell John Kerry to debate the issues

For a campaign trying to project confidence, John Kerry seems reluctant to debate his primary opponent Gloucester firefighter Ed O'Reilly. I'm not really sure why a man who mopped the floor with his last debate opponent is so reluctant, but by all means tell him that he should at least go through the motions of defending his record to his constituents. You may want to use the volunteer link...looking at his website, it seems that Kerry is only interested in your time and/or money...there's no way to actually talk to the campaign. While the 7-10 debates that O'Reilly proposes seem excessive, surely 1 or 2 wouldn't hurt the incumbent, right?

And for the slight majority of people on this online poll who think he shouldn't debate, shame on them. I'm eager to see polling on this race, as none exists out there.

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HL Peary said...

Correction: I believe Ed O'Reilly is a longtime Gloucester Attorney and former School Committeeman who (before law school) was a Watertown Firefighter.

I think kerry should debate if for no other reason than to show he does not take his election and the people of Massachusetts for granted. A stop by every six years is not too much to ask.