Saturday, July 12, 2008

Doin' a little design stuff

One of my main interests in Computer World is static design. I'm not much on animations, but I enjoy making little graphics (as I've done from time to time here.) I've spruced up my title logo, and Ryan over at Ryan's Take is allowing me to run a poll over at Blue Mass Group to choose between a new header for Ryan's place.

Anyhoo, if anybody else is looking for a title graphic or something similar, I'd be happy to work with them to come up with something. The service to my ideological brethren is, of course, free. Comment here, or follow up on my contact info here.

Oh, I couldn't think of a snappy slogan for the blog, so I'm open to ideas for that. Something a little sarcastic, partisan, slightly impatient but with a love for raillery.

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