Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When I woke up today, my original plan was to finish by seeing Deval Patrick's latest town hall appearance in my neck of the woods. I confess that I didn't end up going.

And it's not due to some hatred of the governor, but I was pretty much still too keyed up to go hear some minor politicians take 15 minutes each before introducing him. Because that afternoon I went skydiving.

I won't....can't really describe it. It's not very easy to put into words because my brain still isn't entirely sure what happened. It has snippets -- for a few seconds, the ocean, land, and sky were all moving rapidly in all the wrong places. For just under a minute there were wicked (120 mph) winds buffeting my body. I landed next to a building I couldn't even see five minutes previous.

I can say, and will say, three things, though.
1 - The team at Skydive Cape Cod is friendly, knowledgeable, safe, and affable. If you do skydive in eastern New England, do it with them.
2 - It was entirely safe and comfortable. The landing was gentler than a slide into second base.
3 - It's a rush. A thrill. Do it.

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