Sunday, July 13, 2008

Right state of mind

This is kind of coming off of a conversation I was having with tblade over at BMG. I'm thinking that with the right frame of mind, it's quite possible to enjoy the Bush presidency. Observe:

The American leader, who has been condemned throughout his presidency for failing to tackle climate change, ended a private meeting with the words: "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter."

He then punched the air while grinning widely, as the rest of those present including Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy looked on in shock.

Oh, yeah dude! Lookit him telling Frenchy how it is! You're in Geroge's world now, fool!

A chance meeting with Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.), the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, became an argument about Cheney's ties to Halliburton Co., an international energy services corporation, and President Bush's judicial nominees. The exchange ended when Cheney offered some crass advice.

"Fuck yourself," said the man.

Oh, snap! We just twisted ol' man Leahy's Depends like a real mofo. Cheney don't play that Halliburton shit, so chizzeck yourself!

President Bush said Wednesday that American troops under fire in Iraq aren't about to pull out, and he challenged those tempted to attack U.S. forces, "Bring them on."

We're right here, punk, so you can bring it on all night long! We're gonna lay down the smackdown all over town! So when you're ready, come in and I'll break you! Step off!

Then Bush spotted New York Times reporter Adam Clymer, who has been with the paper since 1977..."There's Adam Clymer -- major league asshole -- from the New York Times," Bush said. "Yeah, big time," returned Cheney.

Duuude! He so told you, so why don't you go cryin' home to momma! You can't compete with the Bushdog!

To get in the proper frame of mind, I recommend a 12-pack of Bud Light and watching an hour of "extreme wrestling".


tblade said...

If not Dr Strangelove, I think if the Bush presidency was boiled down only to its most absurd and surreal moments, it might make a good Fellini film. Too bad Fellini already used the title "The Clowns".

Quriltai said...

To date, the best description of the Bush approach remains the "Mayberry Machiavellis" as coined by John Dilulio