Saturday, February 28, 2009

Richard, come here, we need you

I would take a second to note that Richard Dawkins, one of our least apologetic atheists, is going on a speaking tour this spring, and coming to North America. If you check out his schedule, he is going to Omaha and Norman, Oklahoma, a town whose existence was until a minute ago unknown to me. So he's hitting the troglodyte belt, but is he coming to the northeast? Noooooo.

I'm all for spreading the word and turning back to lies, but why not spend a night among people eager to hear your thoughts?

PS: To show you how godlike this man is, he will apparently be in California and Oklahoma simultaneously. Apparently he's trying to horn in on God's "omnipresence" gambit.

PPS: Is Al Franken going to be seated in his Senate seat in his lifetime? What's to keep the GOP from pulling this crap no matter the margin of a Democratic victor? They could delay the seating of a dozen members this way...


Anonymous said...

He came to the Harvard Book Store, a great indie shop, last time around nad his event was held at the UU First Parish Church.

We do have Dan Dennett in our back yard, though.

Daniel said...

Thank Dawkins somebody finally proved that there is no justice in the afterlife, just as there is no justice on earth. I can finally fully enjoy my undeserved wealth and self-indulgent habits in the happy spirit of callous disregard for my fellows. Let's party!

noternie said...

...because the pious god pushers have been leading exemplary lives, right?

Is there a building or occupants more self-indulgent than the Vatican?

A group with more callous disregard for others than the pedophile priests and their protectors?

Those seeking glory in the afterlife and the favor of their creator are really setting an example for us in the middle east though, huh?

Religion, I have found, has very little to do with whether a person behaves in an honorable manner in this life. Too often it serves as window dressing or, worse, warped justification.

I started watching a Dawkins talk on, but have not had a chance to finish it.

Daniel said...

Although you are correct that association with organized religion does not preclude evil behavior, why single out the Roman Catholic Church, noternie? Are there no evildoers among the Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or even Atheist communities?

Quriltai said...

Hm. For what it's worth, I would say to Daniel that your obligation to your human family should be a powerful check on immorality as much as your fear/respect for a god(s).