Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Education Platform Review on March 5th

With much help, the ruminated Massachusetts Democratic Party platform committee meeting on education will be held. I'm pleased to say that this appears to be the only policy-specific meeting on tap for this process. Details:

Thursday, March 5th.
Starting at 7pm
The Paraclete Foundation
207 E Street, South Boston
(Broadway T stop)

I'm hoping to have available a copy or two of the "Readiness Report"as well as the education plank of the Democratic Party platform. We have a facility that should handle a fair number of people, but I would very much appreciate it if people would let me know they're coming so I can plan for the crowd size.

Please RSVP at or in the comments to this post. We should have a healthy agenda and discussion (ahem *charters* ahem) and the ability to collect any submissions through audio-to-text or perhaps video format.

If anybody wants to email me documented submissions to forward to the party, I will do that as well.

More news and ideas as they come to me. Please tip me off with any advice or questions...

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