Friday, February 27, 2009

Dying newspapers...

I've grabbed this from the website of the late Rocky Mountain News. A sad look at the death of a newspaper older than the state of Kansas:

Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

Along with the news that Seattle and Philadelphia mainstays are on the ropes, ya gotta wonder what the future is for newspapers.


Ryan said...

what i don't get in that linked story about the closed conference is the fact that they failed to mention the most significant reason that the newspapers in question are being shuddered or close to it: debt taken on through buyouts. That's what happened to the Tribune and Rocky Mountain. The stupid ownership took on bundles of debt to take on those companies and left the debt on the companies to pay out themselves, which the companies couldn't afford to do. This isn't rocket science.

Take away that debt and these companies are profitable, even in the midst of today's economy. The newspaper industry itself could have handled the transitions they needed, but not on top of the debt they took as they tried to gobble each other alive. I'd say "fuck the newspapers," if not for the fact that it's punishing the employees and hard workers - while the main investors remain protected from most of the damage, continuing to live their cushy lifestyles.

Jerry said...

It is said that the newspaper is leaving. Unfortunately, the economy is a factor. The Internet has had a HUGE factor dealing with the newspaper demise due to most people tend to get the info online than offline. The problem here is what happens to the people who do not use a pc or the net. They are leave out in the cold.