Sunday, January 11, 2009

RNC: Reagan better than Lincoln

The classic Republican response to questions about their endorsement of racist candidates (David Duke, Chip Saltsman, Florida Republicans to start) and policies is that they are the "party of Lincoln". That's right...what happened 150 years ago excuses the last 50 years of the Southern Strategy.

So all six would-be chairs of the RNC were asked to name the greatest Republican president in history during a recent debate. Wanna guess how many said Abraham Lincoln?


They all said Ronald Reagan. All six think Reagan was a superior president to Abraham Lincoln.

So in the waning days of George W Bush, we ask a question of these would-be RNC Chairs that we've so often asked about the president -- are these guys malicious, or just incompetent?

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tblade said...

SAT analogy:

Reagan : Republicans :: Mike Ditka : Bill Swerski's Super Fans from SNL.

Da Republicans!

A GOP Chair candidate is asked about Reagan:

Who would win in a war: Putin-led Russia, or an army of Reagans?

Hold on, that's unfair. Obviously, the Reagans would force an immediate surrender before candy-assed Putin even fires a shot!

True, true...

OK. How about we make the army filled with mini-Reagans?

1982 mini-Reagans or 1986 mini-Reagans?

Let's say 1981 mini-Reagans, just after he was shot.

Good. That evens things up a little. I give the mini-Reagans about a week, even with the punctured lung. See, the army of mini-Reagans wouldn't want to show all of their power at once and tip their hand to Obama and Pelosi, now, would they?