Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh sure

The one day I get decent exposure (courtesy of a snarky comment on BMG that got picked up by Ezra Klein) and I haven't updated my blog in a while.

Because I was at the Inauguration, and am still recovering. I'm hoping to have a video diary edited by Sunday night with some video I took.

Anyway, allow me to offer the following for those who have stopped by here:

  • It took Paterson a while to get it done, but he got it right. I like Gillibrand for Senator. She's earned everything she's gotten so far, and she's tough yet progressive. Here's hoping for a tough 2010 Primary that she wins.

  • Ellen is the fifth Cylon? Are you frakking kidding me? I wanted a shocking revelation (I was hoping it would be the Galactica itself), not some treacly memory to make an old man happy. If tonight's episode is similarly sucky -- or doesn't produce a deus ex machina on this one -- I'm gonna be really bummed out, man.

  • I think Obama took an easy way out when he pushed Richardson to withdraw his nomination. Republicans will investigate any Democrat at any moment, no reason needed. Prove you'll stand by your people.

  • Tim Kaine better walk the walk on the 50-state strategy, not least of all because the states gaining seats in the 2010 Census generally are not covered by the McAuliffe/Kerry 17-state strategy.

  • I have yet to talk to somebody who is not worried about an assassination attempt on Obama every time he goes into the open.

  • So Speaker Sal DiMasi is going to resign soon. Probably the least corrupt Speaker in my lifetime, and the most progressive. What do these people want?


Ryan said...

she's progressive? she has a 100% approval rating with the NRA and she refused to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill to repeal DADT. She being a upstate, roman catholic woman who's obviously a decent campaigner makes her a savvy political choice, but I'd question whether she's a progressive. She's certainly not a movement progressive.

Ryan said...

btw - bsg tonight was *awesome*

then again, I thought Ellen being the fifth Cylon was highly likely for several seasons now - even before I knew about the 'final five.'

I don't think it's a bad choice. Plus, we still don't know *for sure* if she really is the 5th cylon and/or how that will come into play, and we definitely don't know what the frack Kara Thrace is or isn't. Whatever she is, it's certainly not completely human.