Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not a good moment

Small bitter churlishness can be a killer in politics. It puts out the media, possible and probably allies, and makes you look small. And Deval looks really, really small right here:

At one point, the governor had a frosty exchange with Worcester Mayor Konstantina B. Lukes, after she appeared to smirk while the governor answered her question.

"Before you make a face, mayor, let me finish my answer, all right?" Patrick snapped.

Once he finished his response, he glanced over at her again and said, "Is that clear? OK. Now you can make your face."

That's Bush-League crap, governor. You're jiggling numbers on a spreadsheet when you're not firing mental health counselors the day you're out of state playing Obama FanBoy. Lukes is trying to run a city on surprise cuts and will be deciding who gets the ax. He feels the pain much closer to you. He has a right to do much more than make a face, so shape up unless you want to be sneering at Lottery Tim's across a debate stage next year.

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