Monday, April 14, 2008

Refusing to accept your candidate's apology

We're getting into a wearying cycle regarding apologies. Obama and Clinton are giving several speeches a day, and once in a while something slips out. These two are gong through a meat-grinder, and once in a while they mess up. They end up correcting it -- Obama on the bitterness of small-town folks, Clinton on sniper fire in Bosnia. Eventually, the candidate ends up apolo-gizing.

What is odd is the supporters who refuse to accept the apology. Sure, maybe the apology is more to get the story out of the headlines than heartfelt. But still, if your candidate -- who you're supposedly trying to get into office -- says sorry, shouldn't you just shut up? The Clintonites who maintain that it was actually some sort of sniper fire, or the Obamaites who maintain that he was right to call out people for clinging to religion (more on this tomorrow) aren't helping their candidates.

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Not Ernie... said...

Bravo. I made this exact point on BMG, though maybe not as well.