Saturday, April 12, 2008

Middleboro Casino: Still a Townie Favorite

Last week, Middleboro had its town elections, the latest barometer reading in citizens' feelings about the proposed Wampanoag casino in Middleboro.

This brings to four the number of times Middleborovians have weighed in on the casino question:

  • At a 2007 summer town meeting, voters approved a proposed casino contract by balloting, margin of 2,387-1,335
  • At the same meeting, voters rejected the general idea of hosting a casino by a show of hands (this seeming contradiction is discussed in the thread referenced above).
  • In September of that year, an effort to recall Middleboro selectmen -- a campaign which quickly centered on the casino deal -- failed, going 0 for 3. Greg Stevens lost by 2 to 1 margin to incumbent Wayne Perkins, while Chair Marcia Brunelle slid into victory by a 1,424-1,303 margin.
  • Last week, pro-casino candidates were re-elected and elected to the Board of Selectmen. Casino enthusiast/apologist Marcia Brunelle was re-elected. More significantly, the open seat on the board was filled by Mimi Duphily with 850 votes. Duphily is a nice lady, but also a casino apologist for the Wampanoag casino effort. She bested casino skeptic Greg Stevens, who received 692 votes.

As we see, there's a small but consistent majority of politically participating Middleboro residents favoring a casino. Currently, the federal and state governments are being asked to blight a region with an enormous complex based on a stable 55-45 majority in its host community and strong opposition in the larger region.

CORRECTION: Original stated that "do-anything casino advocate" Adam Bond had vacated the board of selectman. As a matter of fact, he remains on the board and was just elected chair. Adam Bond, however, remains a do-anything casino advocate. We regret any confusion.

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