Saturday, April 26, 2008

GOP: You are what you wear

Occasionally, Republicans accidentally say what's on their mind, and it helps clarify some of their attitudes.

Apparently there are not one, but two Republicans competing for the right to be creamed by the Democratic US Senate candidate this fall (whether it be Ed O'Reilly, or the guy who's there now). The vicious competition over the 178 or so votes available in the Republican state primary has heated up, with Jeff Beatty attacking his opponent as an "insider". Of course, "insider" is a fightin' term, as it connotes experience and competence, two things which are anathema to much of the Republican party, and a fair plank of the Democratic Party as well. Beatty's opponent is Jim Ogonowski, best known for being the guy who lost to Niki Tsongas for the open Massachusetts seat in Congress. In Mass GOP circles, such a loss qualifies you to lose in higher-profile races in more spectacular fashion.

Anyways, Beatty noted that Ogonowski has gone down to Washington for orders advice, and has gotten money from the Republican head of the Senate. A serious charge indeed, one that will I'm sure be refuted on a relevant, factual basis by Ogonowski. What say you, Jim?

Ogonowski, a Dracut, Mass., hay farmer, shrugged off Beatty's charge in a phone interview with AP on Friday, saying he had been up since 5 o'clock driving a tractor on his family farm to fertilize the fields.

If you could see me right now with my farm boots on -- I'm wearing a snowmobile suit because it's cold on a tractor and I've got a wool hat on," he said. "I don't think anybody could consider me a career politician. That's funny."

In your face, Beatty!! Ogonowski is obviously not an insider, because he wears wool hats! How many Washington insiders do you know that wear snowsuits ever ever in their lifetime? None? Exactly! If Ogonowski were an insider, he'd be wearing a suit at seven in the morning. Or at least he'd lie on a telephone interview about what he's wearing, considering that he could lie without fear of getting caught on this one!

Nobody can overcome the famous Republican argument-by-clothing tack, whether it be George Bush's fake fly-boy suits, or Reagan's brand new cowboy hats. Give it up Jeff...go find your own race to lose.


Anonymous said...

You cannot stop Jeff Beatty, you can only hope to contain him!

Anonymous said...

When one said, "He's running against John Kerry" -- the lines formed to sign the petition to put Jeff Beatty on the ballot. The only ones who walked away broken hearted were the Democrats who were ineligible to sign the petition.
There is a great deal of anti-Kerry sentiment out there. It isn't reflected in the polls, but give it time.
Kerry lost his last race to the weakest incumbent since Jimmy Carter. In '02, he won because the GOP didn't have a challenger. After 24 years, the junior senator of the Bay State may have finally worn out his welcome.