Saturday, December 29, 2007

Because I think it's funny...

...and because I desperately don't want to see Obama as our nominee, here's an excellent remix/edit of a couple Obama ads:

PS: Corrente brilliantly lays out the fallacies of Obama's appeal. One snippet:

Obama presents himself as post-partisan, but partisan politics are needed. The "food fight," obviously a partisan food fight, is purest Equivalation. The Democrats didn’t break the world record for filibusters when they were in the minority; but the Republicans just did....And last I checked, Democrats were allowing anybody to come to their election rallies, but Bush was screening his to make sure only Republicans attended. This is the Conservative Movement in action. Sure, there’s a "food fight," but most of the food that’s in the air is coming from one side of the cafeteria!

So why on earth would Obama think that "tearing down" the Conservative Movement and "lifting this country up" are opposites? They’re the same!

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