Thursday, January 21, 2010

This isn't the way to do it

For anyone still agitating that Democrats in the House must vote to push the Senate version to Obama's desk, let me remind them of two consequences:

1. It makes the "Nebraska exception" law. It was embarrassing enough that it was even in a bill (heck, even Senator Nelson was trying to backtrack it) but now the Democrats will write it into the books. This follows us into November and beyond.

2. The law hits people with medium- to high-value health plans with a 40% tax on those plans. Let me repeat this -- people with a good health plan will pay a 40% tax on the value of that. Some of those people are rich, lawyers and stockbrokers, etc. And it is virtually every cop, firefighter, nurse, doctor, and teacher in the country. Five groups that are middle-class and provide enormous union muscle and money to politics (of particular use in the wake of today's Supreme Court decision). If Obama and Pelosi decide that members of those five groups should pay hundreds, if not thousands, more in tax, there will far fewer Democrats on the rolls, at the polls...and in office.

Finally, anyone who still says that placing a new financial burden on the poor ("individual mandate") is synonymous with extending coverage, you're lying to yourself. You may as well just force all Americans to buy a computer, and announce who you've expanded Internet access around the country.

Three years ago, if someone you were asked which political party would force all Americans to buy health insurance from HMOs without a public option, place a huge tax burden that disproportionately affects government workers, and carve out a special exception for Nebraska...would you have said the Democrats? Amazing how people eagerly lower their standards.


Charley on the MTA said...

The lowest standard of all is accepting nothing.

Quriltai said...

Really? I'd think a lower standard would be pretending crap is gold.

This is a bad bill, and is worse than nothing. Not worth the empty victory.

PS: The move to pass a fix to the Senate bill through reconciliation in both houses is far superior than voting for whatever is on the desk at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to November. You lefties are in for a big wakeup. Bribes to Senators in Nebraska and Louisiana and a corupt Chicago hack President will make November fun, fun, fun.