Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Collection of thoughts....

  • It sure is strange to read high-profile blog posts and receive nationwide blast emails asking for help to move the vote in Massachusetts. After a lifetime of being taken for granted by American Democrats, it is a bit odd to be the receiver, not driver, of help. I'm not saying I want to be New Hampshire, where presidential candidates offer to scratch my a-- every day for two months, but it is nice.

  • Fact is, though, Coakley's a rotten candidate. After accepting the primary victory, she (and her team) seem to have gone into hiding. I've gotten zero mail from her, and nothing on the phone. Then again, it says something for these high-charging political consultants that my cell number has been my sole number for over 5 years, and nobody in the political universe has gotten their hands on it yet.

  • Obama lied to me. After promising not raise taxes on any family making under $250,000 Obama is backing a plan that would entail a tax hike. Obama backs a plan that would put a 40% excise tax on "Cadillac health care plans". My health care plan somehow qualifies, and my family makes less than a fifth of this $250,000 limit. Then again, my mistake must be in choosing public service that offers decent benefits to compensate for the low pay rate of qualified workers. I'd have been better off as one of those investment bankers who receive tender care from Obama.

  • It's crap like that that's leaving Coakley on the ropes. That, and the whole not-campaigning thing.

  • A local bank has come up with a cutesy campaign urging people to have a "game plan" for their retirement. The cutesy poster is accompanied by the traditional "x and o" format of a football play. Unfortunately for these geniuses, anyone the least bit versed in football recognizes the play as a Hail Mary -- the long-shot play you uncork only in desperate circumstances. Doesn't anyone in the banking world play Madden?

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noternie said...

I've received no mail from the Coakley campaign since the primary. Before the primary, I think the only mail our house got was addressed to mrs noternie, from national womens' groups. We've gotten a few recorded messages, but not as many as in the primary. mrs. noternie and I are both reliable voters.

Today's Globe article makes it clear she's focusing on the power brokers and ignoring the retail politicking. Hopefully the ground campaign will produce a sufficiently dominant turnout effort.

The ironic thing about taxing "Cadillac" plans is that they already do. Free care pool or whatever it's called in any particular place, is funded by anyone that already buys insurance for themselves.

I don't find it exciting to get national attention out of need, I find it disappointing. Let me be taken for granted because I'm going to produce a solid liberal and I'm much happier.

Where's that hail mary ad? I want to see that. Must be on the bank's website, no? Name names!!