Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Must-read: Pointy the Pointsettia

The man closed the door to the truck. Soon, the truck was moving again. Pointy imagined being carried into an office where all the people would smile and say, "What a beautiful poinsettia! How pretty it is, with its big red and green leaves! Merry Christmas!"

While Pointy was imagining this, the truck stopped in front of another building. The back door to the truck was opened, and suddenly Pointy was in the man’s hands, being carried outside.

"This is it," thought Pointy, "I’m about to make many people happy! I can’t wait to see their smiles, and hear them say ‘Merry Christmas!’"

The man brought Pointy up some stairs and then through a glass door. There was a woman at a desk just inside the door. Pointy tried to make his big, red leaves stand up as straight and proud as possible. As he did so, he heard the woman say:

"What the hell is that?..."

Read the whole delightful tale, and forward to everyone. Make sure SulDog gets credit.

Then, listen to "The Littlest Christmas Tree", and your Christmas vegetation media consumption quota will have been filled.

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Suldog said...

Cool. Thanks for the link! Glad you liked the story.