Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mike Capuano: A Sure Bet, A Liberal Lion

The primary of the decade shook out to an embarrassment of riches before us in Massachusetts: three unabashed liberals are running for the Senate. Attorney General Martha Coakley, Alan Khazei, and Congressman Mike Capuano are united in holding mature, articulated liberal policies and a record of public involvement. Democrats in many states would love to have any one of these as a serious candidate for a Senate seat. In Massachusetts, we have the luxury of knowing that two of them will continue to live out their values in creating policy as public officials, and the hope that the third will join them. This wonderful choice has led to indecision -- how to pick between so many great choices? Many well-informed voters still shift between these choices because they're so good.

I can only speak for myself. I'm the type of guy who, on "Let's Make A Deal", will take the luxury automobile on offer, rather than the off chance that there may be two luxury automobiles behind curtain number two. I like a sure bet. I'll gamble when I must, and I'll pick the most likely of two unsure bets. I was willing when I supported Ed O'Reilly over John Kerry. But this time, I don't have to gamble. I'll have a sure thing on the ballot next Tuesday. A lock.

If there is a sure bet in politics, it's that Mike Capuano will stand up for liberal, progressive values. Why is this a sure bet? Because he already has, even when such a stand stood to cost him. Capuano stood for civil liberties against a full-court bullying for the Patriot Act. A hysterical media and Beltway screamed that the Constitution had to be shredded and anyone who disagreed was not really American. Capuano stood for smart and successful public education against a full-court bullying for the No Child Left Behind Act. A President Bush desperate for a domestic policy achievement threw the kitchen sink at it and anyone who disagreed hated children. Capuano stood for our values. Capuano stood for our values. Capuano stood for a wise foreign policy against a full-court bullying for the Authorization for Use of Military Force. We were told to trust the president and anyone who disagreed loved terrorists. Capuano stood for our values.

Capuano was the rare leader who lifted the flame of liberalism when the media and the GOP wielded an extinguisher and most Democrats dove for the shadows. He stood for Democratic values when so few would. Capuano didn't do this at dinner parties or private conversations away from sight, but in the unblinking eye of the media. Over this campaign, Capuano hasn't had to explain what he woulda done...he merely has to point to what he did. He's a sure bet.

Capuano roared loud for the beliefs of Massachusetts progressives in the bleakest times. He still does. As did Ted Kennedy, Capuano is immovable for what is right, unbending on what is wise, and forthright -- too forthright for Lieberman delicates -- for the values we have as Democrats.

A liberal vote in the Senate? We have three decent choices. But another liberal lion in the Senate? Mike Capuano's a sure bet.

Capuano is a liberal lion. He has earned the lion's seat.


James Patrick Conway said...

Huzzah! Unfortunately I have a feeling Coakley staked her claim early and will have it on the finish line. Luckily the BMGers and other delusional progressives backing Khazei will not take too many votes away from Mike outside of the egghead belt in Eastern Middlesex.

Ed O'Reilly U.S. Senate said...

Thank you for "taking the gamble" on me last year. I would like to think you underestimated yourself and made a calculated choice :-).

I, too, am enthusiastically supporting Mike Capuano. Mike is a fighter who stood up AGAINST the Iraq War and the Patriot Act and FOR human rights and the environment.

Mike understands the connection between supporting progressive issues and helping working people.

Thank you for your support last year!

Ed O'Reilly
Gloucester, MA
Former Democratic Candidate for the U.S. Senate and criminal defense attorney

James Patrick Conway said...

Thanks for posting Ed and my dad and I took time out of our day last year to make sure our voices were heard that we did not want six more years of John Kerry. Thanks for keeping him accountable. Any thoughts on doing the same to Deval?