Monday, October 5, 2009

Why is Alan running?

A while ago on BlueMassGroup, a commentator frustrated by Khazei's silence on this issues asked "What does Alan Khazei believe?"

The only answer I could offer then, and offer now, is that Khazei believes that he should be senator, and that you should vote for him.

Aside from the idea of extending opportunities for public service, an idea well in the hands of President Obama and organizations such as Americorps, he's got nothing. Literally.

Khazei's website is silent on every single issue. It's loud on his biography, but that's about it.

Khazei seems to share Sam Yoon's thinking that all it takes to get elected in Massachusetts is enthusiastic talk "citizen-driven! grassroots! hope!" and a nice biography. However, they apparently both forgot that Deval and Obama shied away from extensive policy talk while campaigning, but that policy work was done, offered, and available by their campaigns. Obama didn't like to talk about health care details like Hillary Clinton did, but Obama did have a plan on his website.

I'm genuinely worried that Khazei may pick up a large amount of support to go with his $1 million war chest despite his refusal to meaningfully think about the economy, energy, education, health care, foreign relations, and other significant issues. I really hope the Massachusetts electorate is not that naive, especially given the gift of experience.

PS: His website isn't even set up to accept unless you're a Facebook kind of voter, I guess Alan just doesn't want to hear from you.

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James Patrick Conway said...

You and I are leaning towards opposing candidates but at least we can agree that the either candidate we support (Cap or Coakley) would be far more prepared day one to handle being a Senator than either of these bozos. Pags to me shot himself in the foot with his lame ads and past support of really conservative Republicans. Khazei worries me more because he has a whole army of wealthy CityYear alumni as well as affluent kids my age who are willing/can afford to be his campaign army for the special. Mix this up with the really horrible ethos that outsider candidates are more 'progressive' than legislators since they are free of the 'taint' of elected office, and he could be a real threat. Frankly I see him doing more harm to Capuano than Coakley. He will split the progressive vote between those of us that want an experienced fighter to win and those that are worried about 'just another politician' (god forbid!) winning higher office. Coakley can win over moderate/indy Dems because of her law and order record and undecided with her name recognition. Momentum is on her side. But lets hope Khazei doesn't win. Axelrod duped me once with Deval he won't do it again.