Thursday, September 10, 2009

It boggles the mind

George W. Bush's former chief of staff is running to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate. If there is a political sentence that reads "dooooomed" more pithily than that, I don't know it.

This is a supposedly serious guy from a supposedly serious party pretending to make a sincere run for a seat, and it's beyond ridiculous.

It's like Karl Marx's publisher going for Chair of the Chamber of Commerce. It's Jerry Remy interviewing to manage the Yankees.

This is the most fantastically doomed campaign that I can think of...take a vengefully Democratic state, a seat linked to the Kennedy family based in that state, and plop in a guy chin-deep with the most pathetically incompetent Republican administration in living history. If Card does everything right, and the Democratic nominee plays "Old McDonald" on a juice harp throughout the entire debate, the nominee still wins.

I understand that Card is ambitious, but the friends-n-family advantage from growing up in Holbrooke can't equal the disadvantage of being a Dubya lackey in Massachusetts. He'd be better carpet-bagging in some loser state that won't admit how much Bush sucked.

What a loser.

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Daniel said...

A beautiful post. Thanks for that- it made my night.