Saturday, August 29, 2009

On a completely different note...

I have nothing to say about Senator Kennedy that hasn't been said better by others. I'll miss him horribly. On a side note, I enjoyed the fact that Jack Williams broadcast the funeral of Senator Kennedy with appropriate gravity, including a clear effort to keep Jon Keller from sniveling up the coverage as much as Jack was able.

It's a reminder of the great state in which we live, and the quality of leaders we often obtain. Unlike, say, this State Senator in Nebraska who is currently considering to appeal a ruling in a bizarre waste of taxpayer resources odd crusade:

A US judge has thrown out a case against God, ruling that because the defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served.

The suit was launched by Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers, who said he might appeal against the ruling.

He sought a permanent injunction to prevent the "death, destruction and terrorisation" caused by God.

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