Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Kennedy

There aren't any words that will do the loss justice. I heard that Senator Kennedy had passed while on the road this morning, in Titusville, Florida. I was doing okay until watching the coverage at breakfast in the hotel, when they replayed his words from his speech at the 2008 DNC. Then I started blubbering shamelessly.

For Ted Kennedy, he showed that the promise of President John and Senator Robert weren't phantoms, but glimpses of greatness to come. He showed that in the fullness of life, a Kennedy has the strength to move mountains...mainly by inspiring so many others to push.

For the rest of us, the work begins anew.

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Ryan said...

I completely lost it when I started watching his hold speeches too...

As much as I should have been, I was not prepared for this. While the rest of the Democratic Party has been running away from our image and politics for the past, oh, 40-50 years, Ted Kennedy stood up for what was right, when it was right, and got a lot of it done.