Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot times at the Gahden

A few days ago, I saw a rock and roll show. Not really a concert, but a hard-working rocker giving it all for her audience. That's right -- Tina Turner. Here are a couple pics I took with a cheap throwaway camera because I lot the digital I brought. No zoom used at all...

It was funny, too, because I was trying to remember last time I was in the building. Turns out I saw a couple pretty impressive people back then, too -- future DNC Chair Howard Dean and future President-elect Barack Obama.

Now, if anyone wants to hook me up with tickets next time Bruuuuce comes to town, you let me know!

PS: Obligatory male one-upsmanship comment: I parked on Sunday night at a meter on Canal Street, 1 1/2 blocks from the Gahden -- in other words, free in a space closer than the $25 garages. Hah!


Ryan said...

I've seen Tina twice in concert, but not since I was very young. Still, though, I remember having tons of fun going and danced like Tina for probably the next ten years of my life =p

Quriltai said...

Actually, I've been told I'm a decent dancer, and I got many of my moves from watching her stuff. This was my fourth Tina show, and sadly likely to be my last.