Sunday, April 19, 2009


What do you think of the new color scheme? Think you could do better? Want to work for free for a demanding client to prove it?

Thanks to the many who came to the blogger dinner/conference/planning session Sunday night in Lynn. Nice to see everyone there...good times. Special kudos to Ryan for organizing the shindig.

My bold prediction: the men's winner of tomorrow's Boston Marathon hails from Kenya or Tanzania.

PS: Interesting list of countries boycotting the UN Conference against Certain Kinds of Racism. The United States and Israel are no surprise given Arab states' use of the conference for their own ends. Similarly, the conservative government in Ottawa apparently withstood Canada's longstanding affection for the UN. Same for right-wingers in Germany and New Zealand I guess -- turns out Obama's actually the exception. But the Netherlands? I figured they'd go and put up the good fight. Naturally, Sarkozy is going, perhaps in an effort to find a buddy who he hasn't managed to insult recently.

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